Welcome to the Horse Connection!



Many wonderful programs are being added to our Equine Therapy for Kids and Adults.  There are not enough ways to express our gratitude to all of the wonderful people involved that make these programs such a success.

"It is our hope that you all come back and visit often and spread the word among your associates and friends who may be looking for an alternative and adaptive healing program.  Equine Therapy is evolving into the powerful healing alternative of our original vision.   We thank you all and hope to see more children attending our classes and workshops with the "Spirit of the Horse."

Nikki Theisinger

Our horseback riding and equine-based programs with specialized focus for: 

  • Children & teens
  • Physically challenged & disabled
  • Elderly visits
  • Basic Riding Skills
  • FUN ! FUN ! FUN !
  • Behavioral disorders
  • Educational presentations
  • Abuse survivors
  • Basic Showmanship Skills

Our awesome trio is pictured on the right and waiting for your arrival.  Our staff has now grown to the "Fabulous Five".  Stay awhile and get acquainted with our Horses and Kids and our ongoing programs.  The Summer Camps were designed for the students to have tons of Fun and are very popular!!!


Our children have become attached  to the  Magic of the Horse and that Magic was reflected in the delight and  the Joy that was found in the Heart of the Horse.  The children grew stronger in their desire to ride and were able to whisper their thoughts to each horse as they rode through the countryside.   Before long the Magical Horses grew wings and were able to take flight through the magic of the childrens laughter.   And soon the story of the magical winged horse spread through all the lands.  As we observe the magic that still happens by Joining the Heart of each Child with the Horse we see the Joy reflected in mirror of our own HEARTS...and we live happily ever after.

Join us and let the Spirit of the Horses bring out "the kid in you"!

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