Horses & Kids



Spring 2006 School Field Trips


Rusty''s first day as a Therapy horse!                         Kyle painted Cowboy as part of his birthday party.


Nikki & Bones helped this student.                           Sean & Rusty having a heart to heart talk 


Rusty, Mr. Bob, Sean & Karen                Cowboy & Sofia                              Barbara & Tricia on Cowboy


Luis German & Cowboy                                                Kimberly


Cowboy-A Mobile Canvas                       Jake and his Artist                 Nothing is complete without a bath!


Tricia, Kyle & Cowboy at Kyle's birthday.           Raeanna & Roni, smiles!                     MILES of SMILES!


Kyle is getting Cowboy ready to work in the round pen.               Kyle & Cowboy

Cowboy has other regular riders, BUT his very favorite is Michelle! Here you see Michelle practicing bareback riding. 

Summer Camp 2006


Nikki starting Summer Camp                                       End of the trail...Summer Camp








Jake and Friends

 Jeremiah Sean

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