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The Horse-Connection has been established since 1999 and represents a lifetime of work, research and dreams that are becoming a 'true reality' as the World of Horses & Healing is brought to the forefront of our awareness.  We are keeping the rapid pace of growth through our wondrous experiences with the children in our trainings and workshops.  Our original vision is reflected our current educational work based on the 'Spirit of the Horses' as they matured and became the healers and companions of our students. 

The photos on our website are a preview of what resides in our hearts and our souls from our combined years and lifetimes of the joy expressed through our work.   Our extensive courses are designed for the students to explore and understand how the 'magic of the horse spirit' joins with the heart and soul of the human.  The rapid pace of our society encourages many of us to seek solace with nature and the animals in our lives.  Our workshops are helping people to gain an understanding of the intimate language imparted by the 'horse spirit' while also expanding their intiution to develop relationships with the essence of the horses. 

The personal experience between the students and the 'spirit of the horse' creates the bonding necessary for the healing to progress.  Their excitement and enchantment as they open their hearts to our horses is a joy to behold as the horses are proven natural healers with the ability to make a difference in a child's life.  Through the bonding process a child can develop their own method of communication with our horses, which then implements the healing in their personal Equine Therapy session.    

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